Fellows Program

The Fellows Program focuses on a selected annual theme and complements scholarly discussions with synchronized field immersion experiences within the host community. The program is targeted at high-performing early career faculty. 

This program aims to develop the professional capacity of outstanding early career faculty at APRU member universities by bringing together faculty members from a variety of disciplines to examine issues relating to the sociopolitical, cultural and economic realities of the Asia-Pacific.

Past Meetings

7th Fellows Program
Hosted by: Australian National University
Date: August 16 - 25, 2006
Theme: Regional Security and Governance


6th Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of British Columbia and University of Malaya
Date: August 14 - 27, 2005
Theme: New Directions in Asian Studies: ethnicity and Nationalism Before and After the Digital Age

Program at University of British Columbia

Program at University of Malaya

5th Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of California, Santa Barbara and Osaka University
Date: August 15 - 28, 2004
Theme: Globalization and the Environment: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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4th Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of Oregon and Seoul National University
Date: August 10 - 24, 2002
Theme: The Science and Policy of Environmental Sustainability


3rd Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of California, Los Angeles and Peking University
Date: August 11 - 24, 2001
Theme: Human Migration in the Pacific Region: Emerging Patterns and New Opportunities

2nd Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of Washington and Chulalongkorn University
Date: August 6 - 19, 2000
Theme: Environment and Development: Scientific, Social and Technological Challenges for the Pacific Rim
1st Fellows Program
Co-hosted by: University of California, Berkeley, Kyoto University and Chulalongkorn University
Date: July 24 - August15, 1999
Theme: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Asian Economic Downturn

APRU Fellows Program 2012

Hosted by: National University of Singapore
Date: May 28- June 1, 2012
Theme: The Value of Water: Water, Values and Society in the Asia Pacific Region

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