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Creating Asia-Pacific Global Leaders

Universities have a significant role in developing the next generation of global leaders. Graduates are expected to have competencies that would enable them to work in a globalised environment and make relevant contribution to their respective communities. With the growing pressure to develop global talent, universities are called upon to implement practical and impactful programs that would help them gain the appropriate knowledge and skills. In addition, universities themselves have to enhance their leadership capabilities and build capacity to remain globally competitive.

A key mandate of APRU's strategic framework is to explore collaborative ways of enhancing the global capabilities of APRU universities' faculty, administrators and students – as well as of their institutions by:

- enhancing their knowledge;
- providing them with international experience;
- enabling them to build networks; and
- bridging them with opportunities.

Activities under this theme comprises internationally hosted workshops that aim to nurture and support the leadership  development of students and early career academics by enhancing their international experience through international networking opportunities. These include the Undergraduate Summer Program, the Doctoral Students Conference and the Fellows Program. Over 1500 students and early career academics have already benefited from these initiatives and APRU is continuously refocusing its program objectives to optimise key benefits to member institutions.

With the new strategic framework, APRU is poised to expand its impact and contribution to its members and society at large by exploring different avenues of collaboration through the development of potential and new initiatives. These include a women’s leadership program, mechanisms to support various international exchange and mobility programs of APRU universities and other partner institutions and a student leaders’ forum among others.

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