Senior International Leaders' Meeting

APRU Senior Staff convene annually at the Senior International Leaders' Meeting to review the development and implementation of initiatives and activities where their recommendations are presented at the Annual Presidents Meeting. Working groups are sometimes formed to facilitate in-depth discussion of specific topics.  The meeting typically starts with a half day session and a welcome/official dinner. A forum on the theme comprising keynote speakers, panelists and possibly break-out groups spans over one to one and a half days. Another half to one day is spent sharing on the latest APRU initiatives and programs.  Participants are usually given the opportunity to update one another on the latest developments in their universities.  Host universities typically provide all meals, and will make arrangements for optional social activities for spouses and participants. 

15th APRU Senior International Leaders’ Meeting

15th APRU Senior International Leaders’ Meeting, Monterrey, September 20-22, 2017
Host: Tecnológico de Monterrey


Delegates at the 15th APRU Senior International Leaders’ Meeting. 
(Photo: Tecnológico de Monterrey)

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APRU 14th Senior Staff Meeting

The Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific

14th APRU Senior Staff Meeting, Cebu, 7-9 September 2016
Host: University of the Philippines 
  1. Welcome Remarks by President Alfredo Pascual, University of the Philippines
  2. Current Issues on Higher Education Reform in the Philippines
  3. Understanding the Philippines Today
  4. APRU Vision and Plan
  5. The APRU Impact Report: the next steps
  6. Speaking Frankly 2016: the big issues facing APRU Senior Staff
  7. Internationalisation of Higher Education: Future Perspectives
  8. International Partnerships: panel presentations
  9. Next Steps for APRU

Delegates at the 14th APRU Senior Staff Meeting. 
(Photo: University of the Philippines)

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Higher Education leaders from 45 leading research universities gathered in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu to discuss trends and best practices in internationalisation, international strategies and partnerships.

APRU 13th Senior Staff Meeting

International Impact and Advocacy: APRU’s Next Phase

13th APRU Senior Staff Meeting
University of Auckland, 2-4 September 2015

(Photo: University of Auckland)

“In the higher education sector, impact is increasingly at the fore of our minds. As traditional institutional missions broaden to include engagement with local and international communities, industry and agencies in our swiftly changing economies, the issue of impact, along with its varied meanings, measures and implications, raises complex set of questions…it is clear that we can achieve greater impact by working together.” - Professor Jenny Dixon, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Engagement), University of Auckland.

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APRU 12th Senior Staff Meeting

New Leadership Seizes Opportunities


Delegates at the 12th Senior Staff Meeting, Jakarta, Indonesia. 

12th APRU Senior Staff Meeting, Jakarta, 11-13 November 2014

Strong Participation in Jakarta

Drawing inspiration from a prestigious and diverse membership around the dynamic Asia-Pacific region, APRU’s Senior Staff, vice-provosts, directors and other university leaders and administrators, met in Jakarta to review the past year and plan for 2015.

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APRU 11th Senior Staff Meeting

APRU SSM conference ANU 2013 r

Hosted by: Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Date: 12-14 October 2013

Following discussions in March at Waseda University that Senior Staff meetings will be moved to the last quarter (October or November) of each calendar year, the 11th APRU Senior Staff Meeting was hosted by Australian National University in Canberra from October 12-14, 2013.

Being the second meeting for Senior Staff in the year, the meeting focused on reviewing APRU's Strategic Framework and its progress to date. The participants had a lively discussion on the current programs and activities under the Strategic Framework and how they can be further streamlined and structured moving forward.

A panel of comprising Vice-Chancellor Ian Young from Australian National University, Ms Julie Hare, Editor of Higher Education from The Australian, Professor Simon Marginson, Centre for Study of Higher Education at University of Melbourne, Ms Belinda Robinson, Chief Executive of Universities Australia and Mr John Angley, General Manager from Australian Trade Commission, spoke on "Asia-Pacific Higher Education Horizons: An Australian Perspective"

APRU 10th Senior Staff Meeting


Hosted by: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 6-8 March 2013

With an overarching theme, "Leading Asia-Pacific Higher Education and Research: From Consensus to Action", the 2013 meeting for senior leaders of APRU member universities built upon the APRU strategic framework endorsed at the 16th Annual Presidents Meeting held in Oregon in June 2012. Discussions and sessions at the meeting focused on the evaluation and development of the various programs and activities under each of the following thematic priorities.

1. Shaping Asia-Pacific Higher Education and Research

2. Creating Asia-Pacific Global Leaders
3. Partnering on Solutions to Asia-Pacific Challenges

The panel session on APRU Thematic Priorities highlighted priority initiatives and issues under each theme. APRU Senior Staff discussed and presented recommendations on shaping and implementing APRU initiatives under each theme through working group discussions.

The 10th Senior Staff Meeting also featured a keynote address and a panel session on Global Human Resources and Universities comprising distinguished speakers from government and academia sharing comparative perspectives on global human resource challenges and higher education trends. SSM participants engaged in a stimulating dialogue on the role of universities in globalization and the competition for global talent.

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