APEC Education Strategy Action Plan

In November 2017, at the APEC University Leaders' Forum, Dr. Wang Yan, Coordinator of the APEC Education Network (EDNET), launched the APEC Education Strategy Action Plan which was endorsed the previous day by the 21 APEC economies. 

The Action Plan is a follow-up of the APEC Education Strategy endorsed by the 6th AEMM and noted in 2016 APEC Economic Leaders' Declaration. It envisions a strong and cohesive education community characterized by inclusive and quality education that supports economic growth and integration and social wellbeing in the APEC region by 2030.

The APEC Education Action Plan goals include:

- Education indicators to demonstrate the evidence base for collaboration.
- A new collaborative approach toward instruments under nine priorities that serve as guidelines for APEC project and economy initiatives.
- A new APEC model for multilateral education development.

APRU announced its commitment to work with the APEC Education Network to actively support the implementation of specific elements of the APEC education action plan.

See here for more details on the APEC Education Action Plan