Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean ties together five continents, 50 countries and territories, and home to some of the most diverse and vibrant ecosystems in the world, it is degrading rapidly: a source of life becoming a threat to humanity’s survival. 

As a network of leading universities in the Asia Pacific, APRU coordinates the research and innovation capabilities of the nations bordering this great ocean. Universities play critical role in sustaining the Pacific Ocean and APRU seeks to drive efforts among its network of leading research universities to raise awareness, educating the public and grow relevant research infrastructure.

As part of its voluntary commitment for the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 APRU is driving cooperation between leading experts, future leaders, policy makers and local communities to address the health of the Pacific Ocean and its marine and coastal resources.


  1. Raising awareness and encouraging future leaders in the Asia-Pacific to engage with problems the Pacific Ocean faces through annual student-focused activities in collaboration with international partners. 
  2. Supporting capacity building across the Asia-Pacific by developing a network of research centers and experts across disciplines, facilitating best practice sharing and cross-disciplinary collaborations.
  3. Building an effective platform connecting latest research and experts across the Asia-Pacific with policy makers and international organizations actively facilitating policy development and implementation.

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APRU Pacific Ocean Cluster Projects

cover nereus programTo protect the Pacific Ocean and its coastal and marine biodiversity APRU brings together Asia Pacific research experts and higher education institutions to work collaboratively with governments, industry and civil society to create a connected, multidisciplinary approach to support the implementation of SDG14.

The first collaborative cluster project starting in 2018 between the University of Washington and University of British Columbia will integrate expert opinions and knowledge to identify potential.

Benefits from ocean governance and marine conservation, and propose policy pathways for the advancement of sustainable Pacific Ocean communities and economies by coastal states.

For info see the report – Oceans and Sustainable Development Goals: Co-Benefits, Climate Change and Social Equity ( )

Science Under the Sea

Ocean and Marine Science research are fundamental to understanding both how key challenges the Oceans face can be addressed. Elsevier, the global information analytics business examined levels of scholarly output, research impact, and trending topics in the global investigation into Ocean and Marine Sciences, with a specific focus on the profound and innovative work being done by the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

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The New York Times – APRU Asia Pacific Case Competition 2017

An international case competition reaching out to over two million students in the Asia-Pacific in partnership with The New York Times, to raise awareness on the impact of climate change on the Pacific Ocean.

Find out more about the competition and the winning teams at

APRU Annual Presidents’ Meeting 2017: The Future of the Pacific and its Societies

The Future of the Pacific and its Societies was the focus of the annual meeting of the presidents of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities at UNSW Sydney, 25-27 June 2017.

Leading scientists and international policy leaders briefed university Presidents and senior leaders on the state of the Pacific Ocean and highlight actionable steps for universities. Over the three-day meeting, member universities agreed to address the science and policy challenges collectively to ensure the long-term well-being of one of the world’s most important resources.

APRU UN Voluntary Commitment to SDG 14

In 2017 the United Nations launched an online register for voluntary commitments made by UN Member States, businesses and civil society organizations, that can meaningfully contribute to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.

Find out more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 and see here APRU’s voluntary commitment to the United Nations SDG 14.