Reducing levels of public funding and globalisation of higher education has the effect that fundraising is become an increasingly important element of income diversification for Universities across the Asia-Pacific region.

International fundraising across Asia-Pacific offers new opportunities and at the same time presents significant challenges due to the region's cultural and ethnic diversity as well as its varying stages of economic development.

APRU International Fundraising Conference 2016


Delegates at the APRU Fundraising Conference

Senior university leaders and university fundraising experts from 18 APRU universities and invited partner organisations convened for the inaugural APRU International Fundraising Conference in San Francisco, USA on 11 – 12 July 2016. The conference was hosted by University of Oregon (UO).

On day one President Jaeho Yeom from Korea University presented the Keynote speech, providing an insight of Korea University’s fundraising strategy and setting out a Korean reinterpretation of the donor cycle. 


Keynote Speech President Jaeho Yeom, Korea University 

APRU International Fundraising Conference

Recognising these challenges across the APRU Member network, the University of Oregon is pleased to invite members of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities to a one and a half day conversation-style gathering on international fundraising.  The intention of the conference is to provide a forum for informal discussions on issues related to fundraising in Asia and best practices for Asian universities to approach US donors.

Representatives of APRU universities will lead subject matter sessions on best practices, strategies and cultural exchanges.  The casual format of the event is intended to keep presentations to a minimum, and open every topic to full, seminar-style discussion among all participants.  Participants will receive background materials that will prepare them for these discussions.  The organizers will also arrange Skype or conference calls with each registered participant in the month prior to the meeting to better understand their interest in the conference, answer questions, and provide the background necessary to participate in lively, open brainstorming on fundraising around the Pacific Rim and the APRU value proposition in fundraising.

This event will take place in San Francisco on Monday and Tuesday, July 11-12, 2016.  There is no cost to attend other than travel and lodging. Please contact Leanne Dillon at: if you are interested in registering for this conference. Registration closes on Friday, June 17, 2016.

Visit the conference website for more details: