Shaping Asia-Pacific Higher Education & Research

Asia-Pacific higher education and research face constant challenges amidst economic, political and cultural forces that impact universities seeking to globalize and make a difference to our world.  APRU envisions a key role as the region's leading alliance of research universities to shape the higher education and research environment through the strategic combination of policy research, innovative practice and academic leadership networks.    

Member universities face increasing challenges present in emergent and current issues of impact to higher education.  In partnership with its members, the policy community and international organisations, APRU applies knowledge to practice and policy in education and research, strengthens institutional capacity and raises members' profiles to meet funding challenges in the context of international competition.

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Key Priorities

  • To advance opportunities in education and research, promoting quality teaching and learning through innovation and professional development, in the context of international competition and funding challenges.

  • To build networks of academic leaders and specialists for capacity-building, connecting international expertise to national and institutional challenges. 

  • To partner with other international organisations to ensure that the consortium plays a significant and influential policy role as the leading alliance of research universities in the region.