Senior Administrators Forums

APRU convenes groups of higher education university leadership and experts to build members' institutional capacities, benchmark practices and internationalization strategies, and to form partnerships with international organisations. Our annual meetings address issues in research strategy and productivity, international education, teaching and learning, enterprise and collaborative research impact.

Chief Information Officers Network

The Chief Information Officers Forum (CIO) is a platform for senior IT administrators in APRU member universities to build a network of APRU Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leaders to share best practices in IT strategy, governance, policy and solutions for APRU member universities. The network explores opportunities for multilateral partnerships and collaborative projects for innovative methods and processes to be adopted at member campuses. The CIO Forum is held in conjunction with the Education and Research Technology (ERT) Forum. 

Provosts Forum

The Provosts Forum brings together APRU provosts or chief academic officers, as key drivers of academic strategy and output, to discuss topics of collective interest and importance to their respective institutions. Through this Forum, APRU hopes to expand the leadership networks within the consortia beyond the presidents and senior staff, and to address major issues of academic management such as quality assurance of education and research, and academic personnel. 

VPs for Research Meeting

The Vice Presidents for Research platform aims to bring together university leadership in strategic and sustainable collaborative research.  Through this platform, APRU’s VPs for Research network addresses critical issues in the future of research universities, policies, funding, technological transfer and enterprise in research-intensive universities in the Pacific Rim.