Recovering from Loss

The development of sustainable waste management strategies has become a major concern throughout the world. Thus, this program focuses on “recycling” and “recovery” of waste material while paving the way towards a circular economy, land reclamation, and water and wastewater treatments.    

The APRU Sustainable Waste Management Program hosted by Korea University offers a timely opportunity for knowledge exchange among professionals from all over the world to assist in the formulation of an efficient sustainable management agenda for biological waste and remediation of soil, water and air in the local context, which satisfies the environmental compatibility, financial feasibility and social needs. It will deliberate on state-of-the-art treatment technologies, advanced management strategies, and political issues pertaining to the recycling and recovery of organic waste.

Moreover, local and overseas experts from different sectors including academic researchers, industrial practitioners, green groups, and government departments will be gathered in this program to solicit scientific and technical inputs as well as political feedback, facilitating the development of integrated solutions. Experienced industrial practitioners, professional organizations, green groups, as well as government officers are invited to the conference.


Program Members

In addition to Program Leaders, the APRU Sustainable Waste Management Program has established a network of Program Members from both APRU and Non-APRU universities.

Yong Sik Ok, Chair and Program Director
Korea University
William Mitch, Co-Chair
Stanford University
Shicheng Zhang
Fudan University
Cheng Gu
Nanjing University
Chia-Hung Hou
National Taiwan University
Chi-Hwa Wang
National University of Singapore
Ali Abbas
The University of Sydney
Xiaonan Wang
Tsinghua University
Longbin Huang
University of Queensland
Daniel C.W. Tsang
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Zhengang Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jay Hyuk Rhee
Korea University
Janelle Thompson
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Rosazlin Binti Abdullah
Universiti Malaya
Shumi Akhtar
The University of Sydney
Donghui Wen
Peking University
Nagahisa Hirayama
Nagoya University
Rico C. Ancog
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Nanda Ayu Wijayanthi
Universitas Indonesia
Christina Schönleber
APRU International Secretariat
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