APRU Sustainable Waste Management Activities 2022
APRU Sustainable Waste Management Program Director Is Selected as a Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) in the Three Fields: Environment and Ecology, Engineering, and Biology and Biochemistry in 2022 Prof. Yong Sik Ok, a Full Professor and Global Research Director at the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering in College of Life Sciences and Biotechnology at Korea University and serves as the Director of APRU Sustainable Waste Management Program is one of the most distinguished researchers leading a global collaboration. 95% of his paper was based on international collaborative studies, and 91.2% of his total publication has been published in the top 10% of journals in each research category. Prof. Ok has been selected as a Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) in three fields in the environment and Ecology, Engineering, Biology, and Biochemistry for the year 2022. Web of Science by Clarivate Analytics selects HCRs each year based on the 21 Essential Science Indicators (ESI).  The HCRs list from Clarivate Analytics identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade. Moreover, on the day of the HCR statement (2022.11.15), he possessed 107 highly cited papers (HCP) which is the highest number all around a South Korean researcher claimed. Moreover, he has published over 1000 articles and among them 593 articles were published since 2017 (during last 5 years). Among the 3,981 researchers named as Highly Cited in 2022, 219, or 5.5%, appear in two ESI fields and only 32, or 0.8%, appear in three or more fields where Prof. Ok is among this 0.8%. In 2018 he became the HCR in Cross fields. In 2019, he became the first Korean to be selected as an HCR in the field of Environment and Ecology. Again in 2021, he became the first Korean HCR in two fields: Environment and Ecology, and Engineering. According to the statistics in 2022, a total of 303 researchers from Biology and Biochemistry, 153 from Engineering and 202 from Environment and Ecology were selected as highly cited researchers from all around the world. Prof. Ok has been working on finding solutions to the conundrum of mankind such as plastic pollution or climate change, and the research achievements were approved by globally renowned awards. He has been designated as the first Asian Co-Editor-in-Chief in Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (CREST, 5 years IF: 13.2) in Taylor & Francis which is one of the most distinguished and internationally highly ranked journals and carrying out world-leading research on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG. Find out more information here.   MACRO 2022 Theme: Atlas Edition- Plastic Pollution from MACRO to nano Time: 14-18 November Website: https://www.micro.infini.fr/       APRU SWM Forum 2022 Theme: New ESG Perspectives in Plastic Pollution- Governance, Business Models and Tourism Time: 28 September Website: Visit here.     Asia Pacific Biochar Conference 2022 Theme: Carbon Neutrality & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Time: 24-27 October 2022 (UTC+9) Venue: Seoul Tourism Plaza View the abstract book here.    

Biochar in Agriculture for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

1st Edition - May 14, 2022 Editors: Daniel C.W. Tsang, Yong Sik Ok Find out more details about the book here. The book focuses on scientific knowledge and biochar technologies for agricultural soil improvement and plant growth. More>>