APRU SWM Forum 2023: Advancing UN SDGs and ESG for a Sustainable Future

In the realm of ESG principles, UN SDGs, and sustainability-focused research, the imperative lies in fostering innovative approaches to enhance waste management practices and promote circular economies. The integration of ESG factors in business strategies aligns with the broader UN SDGs. Sustainability-related research underscores the need for intelligent design and sustainable upcycling, serving as pivotal pathways toward closing the resource loop. Collaborative efforts among governments, researchers, and industries are essential to drive transformative changes, advancing sustainable development agendas while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing socio-economic benefits in a globally interconnected world.

Date & Time:
November 23, 2023 4:00-6:00 pm (UTC+9)

Korea University Business School, Hyundai Motor Hall B307 (Directions), Seoul, Korea

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Mr. Jamil Ahmad: Director, UNEP New York
Prof. Chan-woo Kim: Former Ambassador for Climate Change and Government Representative, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea
Dr. Monica Contestabile: Chief Editor, Nature Sustainability
Prof. Jay Hyuk Rhee: Director, Korea University ESG Research Institute
Prof. Yong Sik Ok: Chair and Program Director, APRU SWM Program


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SDGs at Midpoint: Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Jamil Ahmad
Director, UNEP New York

Collaborative Sustainability Research for Enhanced Societal Impact
Dr. Monica Contestabile
Chief Editor, Nature Sustainability


For inquiries, please contact Prof. Yong Sik Ok ([email protected])