13th APRU Multi-Hazards Symposium 2017
The 13th APRU Multi-Hazards Research Symposium, entitled ”Innovation and Management of Disaster Risk Reduction,” was held at Peking University on August 28–29th, 2017. The symposium was hosted and organized by the Institute of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (IRSGIS), School of Earth and Space Sciences and co-chaired by Prof. Yu Liu and Prof. Qinghua Huang, from Peking University.   With wide participation across the Asia Pacific, over 100 scholars from more than 20 economies engaged in discussions of reducing disaster risk through enriching governmental management processes with the latest innovation in science and technology.   Prof. Lei Yan hosted the opening ceremony. Prof. Jingyun Fang, Director of Department of Science of Peking University, and Christina Schönleber, APRU’s Director Policy and Programs welcomed speakers and delegates.  
Prof. Qingxi Tong from the IRSGIS of Peking University, Prof. Yuichi Ono from Tohoku University, and Prof. Sidney Velado from the Latin America and the Caribbean Office responsible for the Regional Disaster Assistance Program (RDAP) gave three key note presentations which highlighted the development of disaster risk reduction policy supported by science and technology.
    APRU Committee representatives Christina Schönleber and Prof. Yuichi Ono, photo by: Peking University   The symposium featured concurrent sessions, in which participants presented the most recent studies on disaster reduction education, infrastructure construction, after-disaster management, and disaster emergency rescue and recovery measures. The sessions resulted in a series of insightful debates, fueling ideas for future research and governance-based activities.   The conference provided an open forum for APRU Multi-Hazards Program Hub core group members to discuss opportunities for local organizing committees, lessons learned, and next steps to support the development of future symposiums.
      Participants engage in presentations and discussions during the parallel sessions. Photo by: Peking University   Top three winners of the student paper competition are: 1st winner: Niswa Nabila Sri Bintang Alam; Fachrul Rizky; Tirton Nefianto Title: Sister Village: A Disaster Risk Reduction Concept based on Local Indigenous in Magelang District 2nd winner: Jing Li; Junko Otani Title: China’s Pairing Support Method(PSM)as a post-disaster recovery strategy 2nd winner: Clyde Ben. Gacayan Title: Disaster vulnerabilities and cultural resiliencies: Developing and transmitting the Suguidanon (Epics of Panay, Central Philippines) amidst Climate Change   The travel funding winner is: Indrajit Pal Title: Policies and Institutional Framework for Disaster Risk Governance – a case of 2015 Myanmar Floods       Participants in communications and winners of student paper competition. Photo by: Peking University   The symposium was closed by Prof. Yi Lin, Chairman of the Organization Committee, in the afternoon of the 29th. The 14th APRU Multi-Hazards symposium will be held by the National University of Australia in 2018. Click here to view the proceedings Click here to view more photos